Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Quest

In 2003, I had a vision that I was at Stonehenge dressed in my full regalia on a Vision Quest sitting in prayer. 

 After nine years of putting the Vision Quest off, I have arrived in the United Kingdom to fulfill the vision and to try and learn why I have been brought here. A great deal of planning has gone into the trip and since arriving here, a great many things have fallen through to delay me. As with all things that need to be done, tests will come up to see if and how you pass them. 

 Originally, I had planned on being at Stonehenge on May 21st. Due to many situations I had to take care of, I did not make it. Monday, May 21st came and went and the lunar eclipse happened. I heard on Tuesday, May 22nd that Stonehenge was packed so it was a good thing that I was not there on that day. 

 I picked up the rental car and with positive determination, I headed down to Stonehenge. As I was about 4 hours away, I could feel it pulling me to it. The closer I got, the pull grew stronger. 

I got to the hotel which was about 30 miles from Stonehenge very late at night. I checked in and exhausted from the drive, went straight to bed. My night was filled with dreams as though I were in a time machine watching people throughout the ages live their lives. Some were happy, some were not. On one occasion, the people I was watching looked over at me as though I were an intruder. I continued to watch them and within moments, I was watching a different family. I woke very early the next morning and lay in bed going over the dreams in my head, searching for some significance of my dreams to my Vision Quest. 

 I rose from the bed and proceeded to get ready. Braids, jewelry, and medicine bag. I packed my regalia, moccasins, purse, and small blanket. Still fasting, no food, no water, I got into the car and headed to Stonehenge. The countryside was beautiful, green, fertile, and a slight haze hung in the air. I came upon the chalk drawings and was amazed at how big they were. 

As I continued to drive, image after image began flashing through my head. I was sitting in prayer by the large stones that make up Stonehenge. I saw black birds. I saw a glowing pair of red eyes and then a pair of glowing golden eyes. 

 Suddenly, in the distance, I saw Stonehenge and almost reached my hand out as if to touch it through the windshield. Once I entered the parking lot, I parked the car, gently stepped out, lit my sage, and began smudging and praying. I finished putting on the remainder of my regalia. 

 Tour buses drove by as people gawked at me out the windows. In full regalia, I walked up to the admission desk and paid for my admission. I was stopped by a couple of other tourists who were interested in where I was from. I walked through the tunnel and as I emerged through the other side, I saw the ancient stones in front of me. I took another step and I felt a dark heaviness then a hard pull. I took a few more steps toward it and the darkness and the pull became so strong I had to stop and focus. I took five more steps toward it and felt the pull get stronger. I stopped again, closed my eyes and focused only on my Vision Quest. I continued walking the man-made path around the giants, feeling out where the right place was for me to sit. As I walked around, I noticed that people were stealing photos of me. Usually when I am at a Pow Wow, I am used to people approaching me and asking if they can take a photo with me or of me. I was surprised that it was not the same here. I decided to ignore it, smile, and focus on the task at hand. I noticed that a lot of the tourists were very very noisy. I wondered for a moment if I was going to be able to focus on my Vision Quest. Again, I pushed this out of my head and focused.

I noticed that there were sheep in a pasture in the distance. I liked the sheep in this country from the first moment I saw them. They seemed pleasant and always made me smile. I continued to walk gently and halfway around the circle I found my spot, looked at the rocks, gave my thanks for being there, put my small blanket down, and went into prayer.

As I began my prayer, I noticed there was a dark clogged up energy. I looked deeper and saw that people were leaving their negative energy behind when they visited and this left Stonehenge clogged up like a backed up drain.

I also noticed something I think is peculiar. I noticed the crows/blackbirds feed off of the bad/negative 
energy in this place. I opened my eyes for a moment and saw that there were crows/blackbirds all over the rocks here.

(This photo and the second one were both taken by my helper while I was in prayer. Because we could not speak to each other while I was in prayer, he didn’t know what I was going through, he was documenting where we were.)

I understood the first task at hand. Clear up all of the negative energy, clear out the drain so to speak. I closed my eyes once again and began my work. I don’t know how long it took as I lose track of space and time when I am doing this kind of work. As I cleaned it out, I felt all of the birds leave. I also felt a calmness come from behind me. I continued to do my work and the light grew. All of a sudden, I was pulled down and then I shot back up and I was in Ireland, I was pulled back down again and I came up in India, I was pulled back down again and I arose at the great pyramids, I was pulled down again and came back up in Mexico, once more pulled down and I rose in Peru. Finally, I was back at Stonehenge and the energy was clean. As I was coming out of prayer, I noticed that the noise level from the tourists had dropped. I opened my eyes and realized the sun had moved positions. I noticed that the crows/blackbirds were no longer sitting on the large rocks.

Instead, the crows/blackbirds were circling around the marked off perimeter. I continued to watch them and noticed two of them fly toward the rocks, stop at the perimeter and turn back. I stood up, turned around and noticed that the sheep from the pasture in the distance were now standing in the marked off perimeter behind me. I closed my eyes again and reached out feeling the energy around the stones. It was good. The crows/blackbirds stayed their distance.

I turned around to the sheep and looked at them for a moment, letting them know I appreciated their presence. They began to walk off but in a way unlike sheep normally do. They walked away one by one, in a line, stopping when it stood directly in front of me and spoke twice (baaa like a sheep of course) and then continued to walk away. I smiled at them. I picked up my small blanket, walked about 20 yards, stopped, laid down my blanket and went back into prayer.

As I was in prayer, a great many images came to mind. More floods, more earthquakes, more devastation rocking the planet. Military rescues, fighting, massacres, blood in the seas, societal panics, riots, the beautiful sun continuing to erupt, another oil spill, leaders arguing, the Queen Mum giving a mass condolence speech. And finally, peace, understanding, kindness, and joy.

I came out of prayer and noticed the sun low in the sky. I picked up my blanket and made my way once more around Stonehenge and then headed back to the car.

I smudged again, sat in the car and headed back to the hotel.

The Universe is wonderful, beautiful, vast, and about to endure a shift.


  1. Monica, I've been struggling with religion lately, but I consider myself a spiritual person. Ever since you introduced me to your Native American culture, something has drawn me to it. I don't know what it is, but I find everything so beautiful, so powerful, so natural.

    There is something special in your blog, something spiritually powerful. I can sense an instant connection while I read about your quests and visions. The most powerful thing is you don't describe what it is that draws you, but your own individual journey. You let us experience or explore what we think it can be. Can't wait to read more.

  2. After working with you for a year and seeing your gifts in full action, I am positive your trip to Stonehenge was as eventful as you planned on. I am sure for as many surprises as you encountered while there, your gift of sight was able to guide you through the many twists and turns of your tasks.

    My question to you is: How and why would the blackbirds be feeding on energy? Also, what’s up with the sheep?

    1. Daniel Razo,

      It was very odd to me to see these birds and what they were doing with the energy. Energy keeps everything in the world alive. These birds have found a way to sustain themselves. I am not saying that they do not eat food, drink water or breathe air. I am saying that they have found a way to also sustain themselves. They do not care that the energy is bad. Humans can do the same, most have just forgotten how.

      Onto the sheep: All of my life my spirit animals have been the horse and the wolf. They have been very good to me and I am always grateful to them. A year and a half ago while sitting in meditation and prayer, I was told that in the very difficult time coming, all animals would help me. When I arrived in England, one of the first things I noticed were the sheep and I got a very good feeling from them. I was a bit tired after my Quest at Stonehenge and the work I had to do there. When I finished the work, opened my eyes again, breathed and looked around, the sheep were there to let me know that I had done a good job. Them talking to me, let me know that I was there for the right reason and that they appreciated me as much as I appreciated them. It was nice. I would have liked to video them at Stonehenge as their actions were memorable.

      Peace and Love to the Universe

  3. Thanks for sharing this - I know this is something you were called to do a long time ago and I'm happy to see you made the trip this year.

    Thanks too for your upcoming lecture on the shift you're talking about in this post - I always appreciate your gifts and insight. xo