Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Healing Cujo

Seven years ago, I wanted to get a dog.  Dan (now my ex husband) and I went to a rescue shelter to adopt one. as I walked up and down the aisle, he found a dog that he liked and I came across a very quiet ,adorable, 4 month old pup. I gently picked him up and carried him to the woman who was running the shelter. I let her know that I wanted to adopt Cujo. She told me the story of how he had been found in the desert (someone had put him in a box, sealed the box with tape, and left him out in the desert) by a family who heard whining and opened the box. They found the pup inside and took him to the nearest Veterinarian who gave him to the shelter. She told me that she hadn't had him that long. She then gave me several form to fill out which I did, I gave her back the form, paid the fees and the pup was mine. Next, I went shopping at the pet store and purchased all the necessities the pup would need including some toys and took him home. I asked him what his name was and he replied "Cujo" So that's what I called him.

On the third morning of having Cujo at home, I noticed that he was very lethargic. I served him breakfast, he only ate half of it and walked away. Thirty minutes later, we were out in the backyard and I noticed he was throwing up. Within a couple of hours, he wouldn't come to me when I called on him and two hours later, he wouldn't even stand up. I looked him over, spoke to him (as a psychic it's always been easy for me to speak and listen to animals.They always know what they want and never make me guess) and found out that he was deathly ill and was going to die. I was saddened by the illness that I saw in him because I had just gotten him and knew he was such a good spirit.

I phoned Dan and told him that Cujo was very ill and would be dead by the next morning. He panicked and told me to take him to the vet. I tried to reassure him that I had spoken to Cujo and that he knew what was happening to him and was accepting of it. Dan wouldn't listen to me and insisted that I take him to the vet.

I got off the phone, put Cujo in the car, and drove him to the vet. After a wait at the vet's, Cujo was finally looked at. The vet told me that he had to run a few tests and I consented to it. An hour later he returned and told me that Cujo's results had came back positive for Parvo. He told me that with Cujo's symptoms and lack of movement, there was nothing he could do for and Cujo would more than likely be dead by the morning. I picked Cujo up, genlty placed him in the car, and took him back home.

I called Dan and gave him the news. He didn't take it well. Knowing of the healing I had been involved with in he past, he asked me to save Cujo. I tried to explain to him that Cujo was ok with passing on. Again, he asked me to save him.I told him that I would do what I could. I hung up the phone, got some sage, lit it, smudged myself and then smudged Cujo. I sat for a while and worked on Cujo who was laying on the floor and couldn't move.

Dan came home, looked at Cujo who still couldn't move very well and became even more upset. I told him that Cujo would be ok. I told me he hoped I was right I stayed laying on the floor with Cujo for a while just talking to him and letting him know that I was his new Mom, that I loved him and that he was going to be okay.  When it was night and time for bed, I picked him up and placed him on the floor in his bed next to the side of my bed.

When morning came, I woke up, reached over the bed for Cujo and pet him.  He was warm and I could feel him breathing.  I got out of bed and headed to the kitchen to get him some water.  He got up on his own and followed me to the kitchen.  I served him his water and he thirstily drank most of it.  He made me laugh because since I had first brought him home, the way he drank water was to dunk his whole head into his dog bowl and come up for air periodically.  It always looked as though he were bobbing for apples.  I gave him a good petting and then served him a bit of food.  he didn't eat as heartily as he drank the water but he did eat so that made me happy.

Dan saw him up and about and gave him a big hug before heading out to work.  Before he left, he asked me to take Cujo back to the Vet and get him checked out.

I waited for the Veterinarian's office to open and once again, put Cujo in the car and drove to the Vet's.  I arrived there, put Cujo on his leash, led him into the office, waited the customary wait, and once called on, took Cujo into the office and asked him to give Cujo a look over.  The Vet recognized me (as I was the last person he had seen at his office the night before) looked at Cujo and then asked me what pup I had brought to him now.  I matter-of-factly told him that it was Cujo from the night before.  He looked at Cujo again and told me there was no way that the pup I was showing him now was the same pup I had brought to him the night before.  I assured him that he was the same pup and asked him again to give Cujo a look over.  He did as I asked and both confused and surprised, gave Cujo a clean bill of health.

I took Cujo home and for 7 years he has had glowing health and a happy life.  He is a wonderful dog and he is my son.  If you ask him "Where is Momma?", he looks around for me and wags his tail when he hears my voice.

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  1. Getting all caught up on your blog ;]

    I remember hearing this story awhile ago, and am always grateful for your healing gifts, as we've had many great sessions together - you're doing remarkable work and I hope more people have the pleasure...and good sense, to work with you.