Monday, August 13, 2012

What a See'er sees

Growing up, I always thought my Grandfather was special.  He was kind, honest, strong, worked hard, and had the best smile in the world.  When I would spend the weekend at his house, I would watch many different people come over to talk to him.  I came to understand when he was about to receive a visitor because each time, about 15 minutes before they were due to arrive, my Grandfather would always tell me it was time to go and play outside.  I preferred being outside anyway so I never questioned him.  While playing or talking to friends, I watched his visitor walk up the steps and knock on the door.  My Grandfather would answer the door and they would greet each other.  Then, the visitor handed my Grandfather a gift and he welcomed them into the house.

One day, out of curiosity (I was about 9 years-old and had been curious coming out of the womb) I walked quietly over to a window and peeked in.  I saw my Grandfather sitting there and the man that had come over to the house on that specific day was sitting across from him still and quiet.  My Grandfather was staring at him emotionless and speaking in a hushed tone.  When my Grandfather finished speaking, the man asked him a question.  My Grandfather waited for the briefest of moments and then answered him.  Thinking they were just having an adult conversation, I left the window and continued to play and never asked my Grandfather any questions about what any of these people wanted.

Two years later, one of my friends was having a sleepover.    All of us girls were sitting around laughing and happily telling stories when suddenly, a strange feeling took me over and I looked at one of the girls and started blurting out a series of things that were going to happen to her, that she was going to go through and I gave her very specific details about conversations she was going to have.  I remember it being odd for me as I was seeing and hearing all of it happen as I spoke to her.  Once I had finished, I looked at the girl I was speaking to and she was looking back at me as though I was a complete stranger.  All of the other girls at the party looked at me as though I was weird and some of them didn't say very much to me the rest of the night and the next morning.

When I went home the next day I told my Mom what had happened.  She looked at me for a moment as if she didn't know what to say.  Then she said "You are seeing the future, it's a gift, don't misuse it." I didn't understand what she meant and I tried to ask her questions but she wouldn't answer them.  I didn't know if I was in trouble.  I know that my Mom knew I was able to see spirits from the time I was very young.  I know that she always freaked out when I spoke to spirits and severely tried to make me stop talking to them.  I never understood her fear.  I thought since she wouldn't answer any of my questions now, she was afraid of this "gift" as well.

Two weeks later, the girl from the party (who's future I read) approached me at school.  She told me that in the two weeks since the party, everything I had told her was going to happen to her, did indeed happen.  She asked me how I did it and if I could do it again.  I told her I didn't know how I did it and I didn't know if I could do it again.

The next time I visited my Grandfather, I sat down and spoke to him.  I told him what had happened at the party, what had happened when I spoke to my Mother, and also let him know that the girl had spoken to me at school afterwards and how amazed she was.  In his calm, soft spoken way, my Grandfather told me that my Mother was correct in telling me that it was a gift and not to abuse it.  He told me that a couple of people in our family had this same gift.  He also told me that he also had this gift and that was why he had so many visitors.  He explained that people came to see him so that he could tell them their futures and to seek his council.  He told me that he knew that I could see and speak to spirits as he noticed the look I would get on my face at times.  I explained to him that it made my Mother angry and nervous and that she greatly discouraged it.  He told me not to let my Mother discourage it, that her fears were her own and I needed to let my gifts develop as they wanted to.  He explained to me why people brought him gifts (it is a sign of respect for seeking his sight and advice) and then explained to me the rules of gift giving and gift accepting.  He told me that as my gift of sight developed, that I could not let my emotions get in the way of what I told people when they would come to me.  That I always had to be honest but that when I saw something "not positive" to put it gently so as not to be harmful.

My Grandfather in all of his wisdom was very cryptic for the most part.  He made me and other people who went to him for his sight and advice think for ourselves.  It was always a lesson, some easy, some not so much.  Some lessons were quick, some took time.

In all the years that have passed, I have read, guided, and helped many people.  I have learned to have understanding and patience.  I have learned to speak slowly and to let the words that come out of my mouth be touched with tenderness and love.

As I am guided along, I feel blessed to continue doing this work.

Peace and Love to the Universe!


  1. I have seen firsthand how Monica has taken over the tradition from her grandfather to help so many people in need. The events and things she sees are changing the world and it’s important that we hear how what she sees will affect us in our everyday life. She has a powerful message and it’s in our best interest to listen and learn so we can best navigate through the changes that are taking place. I can truly say that I am a better person for listening to that message and trying to understand my role in the universe.

  2. Monica, if I were going to visit you and ask you to use your gifts for my benefit, what is a proper gift to give you? Can I just give you $5 cash or a $10 gift card to some store, or should it just be a bag of tobacco?

    1. Daniel,

      Thanks for the question.

      Tobacco should always be given because that is for prayers. I always tell people to give what is in their heart to give. A gift from the heart is true and is good medicine when it is not touched with selfishness nor expectation. Generally I do not take cash for healing.

      People have given me gifts cards because it has been from their heart that they want me to have something that I will use. Which is a nice thought on their side.

      I remember growing up watching people bring my Grandfather, sodas, cooked meals, clothes, shoes, etc...

      So in closing, always give from your heart.

  3. Thanks for sharing this with us as well - I know your Grandfather was a central figure in your development as I've heard many stories over the years.

    Your gift of sight has helped me through a bunch of decisions over the years and helped me get on a good road in life - I'm very grateful...thanks!