Friday, September 14, 2012

Earthquakes in California

Living in California for such a long time, you get used to the ground shaking now and again.

More and more lately I have been asked what my predictions are for upcoming Earthquakes in California.

I feel they are coming soon.  A few years ago, my visions of massive quakes in California began.  Last year, the visions were more frequent and stronger but now it wasn't just the quakes and devastation I would see, it was also water flooding into the city.  I would be standing somewhere (inland and away from the ocean) and smell the oceans salt water.  I would stop whatever I was doing and sniff the air.  The smell would become stronger and if I looked up, a massive wave would come crashing down on top of me.   At times, when I am out and about around the city, the landscape will change and I will see devastation all around me.  When I snap out of the vision, everything is back to normal.

I have predicted every major global disaster before it's happened.  If you have been a close friend of mine, you have been kept in the loop.

I haven't publicized it in any mass outlet as I am sure some of you reading this are thinking (this person is crazy) and if I were one of you I would probably be saying the same thing.

I have a close group of family and friends and they have always benefit from my predictions for their lives or for their family and friends and I am happy to help.

Back to California and the upcoming quakes.  I am feeling they will happen in late September 2012 or October 2012.  These quakes will happen in or near Los Angeles and in or near San Francisco.

Special Note to those of you who think you are helping:  Those of you around the planet who are also sensitive to the Earth's energy and are trying to put this disaster off by sending positive energy and healing love into the Earth.  Here is the warning with that:  What you are doing is in the same vein as capping a volcano.  If you cap a volcano, the pressure will continue to build until it finally erupts, which it will erupt and when it does, it will be larger and more devastating than what it would have originally if you hadn't of tried to cap it.

So, if these quakes get pushed off (or capped) through October and passed, and they come in December of 2012 or January 2013, they will be massive.

Prepare yourself, your family, your friends and continue living your life in a good way.  As Californians, we should all have earthquake preparedness kits and supplies in our households and our vehicles anyway.

Now, saying all of this, Universal shifts happen all of the time.  Why, because it is the Universe and it is ever changing.  So, if there is a shift big enough, these earthquakes could not happen here in California, they could happen somewhere else on the planet.  I can only tell you what I see and feel as I see and feel it.

I am giving a lecture on:  2012: Moving Into The Future Safely.  Check it out on the Lecture page of this blog.

Peace and Love to the Universe!!!

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