Saturday, September 8, 2012

Reading a life

A few days ago, I was on a talk show.  I was Skyped in (one-way) so while everyone could see me, I wasn't able to see the host or co-host of the show, I was only able to hear their voices on the other end of the call.

After introducing me and asking me a few questions about my blog and my trip to Stonehenge, the host and co-host asked me to use one of my gifts, and look into their future.  They wanted to know what I saw for them.  I read the first girl and then the second.  They were really excited and brought in a third girl for me to read.  After speaking to her, they brought in a guy for me to speak to.

The guy was particularly interesting as it wasn't his future I was seeing but a past life of his.  I explained to him that I saw he was an Asian man in a past life.  Again, I couldn't see him and don't know what he looks like in this life.  He chimed in and told me that I had gotten it wrong, that he wasn't Asian.  I laughed and explained to him again that I was not looking at him in his current life, I was looking at him in his past life.

As I continued to look, I explained to him that his past life has come to this life because he had a lesson he needed to learn.  I continued to look and told him the Asian man he was in his prior life was a merchant and handled sales.  He found it very interesting and let me know that his Father (in his current life) is a salesman.  I looked deeper and told him his lesson had to do with money.  I explained the possibility of him spending too much or hoarding it away.  I explained that since his Father was a salesman in this life, he may want to consult his Father and ask what he has learned about money and finances.  He thanked me for the reading and everyone said happy goodbyes.

If we've had a difficult time with something in a past life, we will bring that spiritual baggage with us from one life to the next until we learn the lesson we need to learn.  It is for us to learn the lesson being taught to us so we can move forward and evolve.

If the same situation continues to happen to you over and over again and it causes you unhappiness, look at it, be honest with yourself, and really work through it and learn from it.

How to work through Spiritual Baggage is in the "Spiritual Baggage" section of my book "Universe 101: Grow Learn Evolve."

Peace and Love to the Universe!

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