Saturday, September 29, 2012

Who's Grandfather?

I was a guest on New York Times Best Selling Author Neil Strauss' "Inner Circle" which aired yesterday on Sirius radio.  We had Major Paul Smith who was a former military Psychic spy as a guest as well and he was teaching a session on Remote Viewing.  If you were listening to the show, you heard that during the Remote Viewing session, I was interrupted in my lesson because the spirit of someone's Grandfather was behind me trying to speak to me.

I mentioned it and Neil said something to the effect of "If that's true, I have a funny story for you that I'll tell you later."  When we went on a commercial break, I asked him about the story and he shared that the week before, they invited a Psychic into the house because someone wanted to speak to their Grandfather.

He didn't exactly tell me what happened with the Psychic but what was funny to me was that the Grandfather stuck around for a week waiting for someone to hear him and because I was trying to learn the formal steps of Remote Viewing, I kept telling the Grandfather to shush.

The rest of the show went well, I spoke to Neil a bit more afterwards about what the spirit of the Grandfather was trying to say and told him I felt bad about shushing him, which Neil found funny.

I hope the Grandfather finds some Peace.

Peace and Love to the Universe!!!

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