Thursday, October 4, 2012

Earthquakes in California and the World

If you saw my post on Earthquakes in California on September 14, 2012, you would have read my prediction and my warning.

This post is a follow up on what is happening now around the world.  The earthquakes in California have all been mild to date and not what I have seen that is going to happen.  If you read the previous Earthquakes in California post, you know that I mentioned energy movers trying to put off the earthquake and my warning about the "capping the volcano" theory.  My warning was to stop capping the volcano because you can turn something that is going to be "major" into something that is going to be "catastrophic" which is not something anyone would want.

There have been a lot of energy shifts happening in California, around the Earth, and in the Universe.  They are strong, I have been feeling them and they are causing me dizziness and nausea.  I felt the seasonal energy shift from summer to fall the other day and it was quite beautiful.  I love seasonal energy shifts.

Let's talk energy for a moment.  The Earth is energy, the Sun is a massive ball of moving, ebbing, and flowing energy.  Yes, the Earth is also dirt, foliage, water, and air with animals and humans on it.  But it is also energy.  It takes energy to make life, it takes energy to make things grow, and it takes energy to keep everything moving.  Energy has to move to keep life moving and that is why we have energy shifts across the planet.  We have a lot of specific energy shifts happening now around the planet and California is experiencing a lot of movement.  Baja is experiencing quakes and I feel it continuing to move so be careful.

Here is another warning:  Because the earthquakes are taking longer to happen in California, because of planetary alignments and interrupting energy movers, I am starting to feel a build up on the other side of the planet.  That is one of the reasons I tell people to let things ebb and flow the way they need to in their natural course.  I am seeing and feeling the other side of the planet experiencing a build up and now the other side of the planet is going to experience a catastrophe.  Somewhere around or near China or India.  I am not getting specifics because I have a great deal (energy wise) on my plate right now and trying to sort it out.

Remember, we live on the Earth, and she is always moving, shifting, and changing.  You could live in earthquake country, near a volcano, in an area that is prone to tornadoes or hurricanes, or on a coast that can suffer a tsunami.  Prepare yourself, have your emergency kits ready, take a CPR class, take a class and learn some emergency medical techniques.

We as human beings do not like to be disturbed in our lives by outside influences out of our control but we as human beings should understand we are on a planet that has been shifting for many millennium.  Be prepared.

A lot of energy shifts happening and the earthquakes here in California are being thrown off.  We will see how long they will be thrown off and what gets affected by it on the other side of the world.

Peace and Love to the Universe!

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