Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Judgment…Hmmmmm… Really?

All ideas of perfection are based on our own thoughts and come from either past experiences, or education inside or outside of the home.  When someone else does not meet our idea of what we believe to be perfect, we may pass judgment on them, expecting them to meet our ideals.

Instead of passing judgment on others, we should take a moment to look deep inside ourselves and see if we meet the ideals of someone else's idea of perfection.  The questions you should ask yourself are: Do we fall short on their views? Does it mean they are flawed? Does it mean we are flawed?

If someone else doesn't meet our idea of perfection, it doesn't mean that they are flawed, it simply means they are living in their own idea of perfection.  We all continue to live in our own ideas of perfection until we experience or learn something new, or unlearn something taught.  When we relearn or unlearn, then our current idea of perfection changes.

We need to look at ourselves first.  When we look at someone else and then look at ourselves and ask the question "Do I fit their idea of perfection?" then the process of understanding begins.  Also ask yourself, "What is the difference between their views and my views?"  We must always ask ourselves if we can live in someone else's idea of perfection before we can ask them if they can live in ours.

Have you created a clique that fits exactly who you are and exactly how you think?

It is the people who live outside of their own cliques (people who share the same interests or ideals) that grow and evolve.  If you accept others (family members, friends, co-workers, etc.) who don't believe exactly the way you believe, then you will always be challenged in your thinking and you will learn, grow, and evolve. You must be able to step outside of yourself and your current way of thinking and look at another person for who they are without any judgment.

Don't judge others.  Instead, always understand that we all have our own ideas of perfection and step out of the box you've created into a world of deeper understanding and beauty.

Peace and Love to the Universe!

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  1. What a great post. Thank you for your insightful thoughts. My daughter is a teenager and I shared this with her and she has shared it with her friends. It's a tough age and what you've said about judgment, seems to have taught them something.