Monday, November 5, 2012


Why do all bullies, when beaten, forget that they are the ones that started the fight?
Throughout the ages, when someone decides they're going to bully a person, a country, a nation, or an ethnicity, they feel they are in the right for whatever reason or motivation they have.  They have passed judgment and become the force that executes their twisted ideals.  As they gather momentum and find others who share the same ill conceived ideals, they feel they have gained strength.  They wreak havoc on their victims, holding tight to their beliefs and are uncaring of the pain and suffering they are inflicting.
Once someone opposes the hurtful words and actions of the bully, and defeats the bully, the bully is left in the same diseased mental state that started them out in the first place.  They are unable to see the wrong in their actions. They are unable to see the pain and suffering they've caused and only look at their own pain and suffering at being unable to complete their task.  When the bully is defeated by their intended victim, or someone else who sees the wrong in the bully's actions and takes action themselves, it usually drives them into a deeper place of hatred, vengeance, and revenge.  Someone in the "bully" frame of mind does not have the capacity or willingness to learn.  There is no growth and no evolution, only simple-minded sickness.
It is only when one can truly open their eyes and understand a situation, a point of view, an issue from the other side, that the bullying stops.  It is only after the bully opens their mind and heart, can they stop their cruel intentions and come to a place of attempting to understand their own misguided thoughts and actions.
It is only through true understanding and communication, laced with respect, can two sides come to a mutual agreement and harmonius place.
It is only then that bullying stops.
Peace and Love to the Universe!

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