Monday, December 10, 2012

Emotional Firefighter

Sometimes your friends know you so well they can give you some good insights!  Check out my new video!
I was sitting with a friend having dinner.  Our conversation spanned a great many things in our respective lives.  He spoke about his busy schedule and I spoke about mine.  As I was explaining a healing session that I had to attend that night after dinner, he looked at me and said “You’re an emotional Firefighter.”  I looked at him and could only respond "Wow!" He said "You should put that on your business card. You keep people from melting down." I looked at him and erupted into genuine laughter and then I said "Thank You." I was genuinely flattered and thought about how attune he is to my life and what it is that I do and how people are affected by what I do.
Being an emotional Firefighter, “Keeping people from melting down” what does that mean?  When I work with people in either healing sessions or Universe 101 sessions, I give them tools that they can use when they are experiencing a difficult situation in their life, so they don’t melt down.  They are then able to handle things in a positive way.  One of my favorite quotes is “Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work.  It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.” – Unknown
I saw this quote and thought it so poignant, I have had it above my desk for two years now.  It was something I practiced, using the tools I received from the Universe, many years before I had seen this quote.  These same tools I was given, I give to others so they can use them to find Peace in their lives.
Here is an example: When I am on a job, so many things can be going haywire which usually leads to turmoil and upset among coworkers. Everyone else around me can be stressed, upset, or panicked, but I won't let myself melt down, panic, stress, or upset myself.  I do my best to help keep others calm, so we can perform the job at hand in a productive way and smile at the end of it.  This is because I have inner peace inside myself. I have the tools and use those tools effectively to safely maneuver my way through life.  It’s really important not only to possess the tools, but to put them to use.

Every day when I go out and people call me for healing, or approach me for healing, or I have pre-scheduled appointments for Universe 101 sessions, I give people the tools they need to work through many difficult situations in their lives.  Sometimes (consciously or not consciously) they don’t use the tools right away.  It may take them some time to really acknowledge they have the means to safely maneuver their way through a rough situation.  Sometimes someone has held the same pattern for so long, it’s difficult to see the new pattern that needs to be formed and put into action.  Sometimes fear stops them, but once they come to a good place and are able to see clearly and past their fear, then they're able to put their newly acquired tools to use and move forward.

In my book Universe 101: Learn Grow Evolve, I have written some complex tools down in a very simple way so that everyone can understand and have the tools they need.  You'll learn to make good choices for yourself and by using the tools from Universe 101: Learn Grow Evolve you'll move into a healthier situation, into a happier life, into a successful life, and move forward in your own evolution.
Peace and Love to the Universe!

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