Friday, December 28, 2012

Energy Moving… has science finally caught up?

For years, the practice of energy moving has been dismissed and criticized by medical practitioners and scientists.  On a slow, but illuminating course of discovery, the art and practice of energy moving and energy healing is being accepted by the medical community and scientists around the world.

A fascinating article in the recent Parabola magazine discusses this topic revealing roots, touching on Quantum Mechanics and giving its readers (both old and new on the subject) some eye opening facts.

If you’ve watched my video “Energy Moving”, I mentioned there are around 250 million practitioners of Reiki healing and Qi Gong around the world.  While studying martial arts, I was introduced to Qi Gong, a beautiful way of what seemed to me “natural healing.” As my friend Michael Gigante would say “it was as obvious to me as my arm bending at the elbow.”  I was taught about the meridiens of the body, chi within the body, and then had to obtain my certification in Tui Na (a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine) which also works with the meridiens and the muscles in the body to allow blocked energy to flow again and realign a person’s health.

My curiosity of energy started at a very early age as a result of my Mother always saying to me “You have way too much energy. What’s wrong with you?”  I didn’t think anything was wrong with me, but I started researching energy, electricity, currents, Edison, Franklin, and Tesla.

Then in my teens when I started taking martial arts, the instructors talked about Chi and it was at that point I was introduced to energy within the body.  My deep understanding that the body is a source of energy expanded, making me aware that all living things on the planet, the planet herself, and the universe, are all made of energy.  Once I made that discovery, many more thoughts and ideas I had about the universe were illuminated for me.

Harnessing and moving energy has been a lesson of beauty for me, because I can see and feel it.  When working with it, I practice humility and responsibility.  Energy moving is real and should never be taken lightly or played with because you can injure someone.

Thank you to all of the physicists and scientists of past and present.  Thank you to all of the Qi Gong Masters and Reiki Healers for the good work that you do.

Stay tuned for part 2 where I will discuss how I apply it.

Peace and Love to the Universe!

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