Monday, December 3, 2012

Light and Darkness

Light and Darkness cannot inhabit the same space equally.  One naturally consumes the weaker of the two.  It is the one that is the strongest that wins.  It is the one that succumbs to the other that loses.

Allow the light inside you to grow and flourish in your understanding of you and your actions. Intent is also a source of nutrition.  If your intent is good and well meaning, then you are nourishing yourself in a healthy way.  If your intent is bad, harmful or lacking, then you are starving yourself and are putting yourself at a higher risk of illness.  It is not only your body that can suffer illness, your mind and spirit can also suffer illness and in return that illness can seep into your physical body.  Healthy nutrition should be given to your body, your mind, and your spirit.  It is just as important to feed your mind and spirit with healthy nutrition, as it is your body.
Your mind can suffer illness such as psychological disorders of addiction, OCD, ADD, ADHD, abuse, etc.  Your spirit can suffer illness through non-belief.  This is shown when an extremely challenging situation comes up in someone’s life.  They find themselves questioning existence and looking for Universal answers.  The lack of knowledge, understanding, or the search itself can make them ill.
Nourishing the body with good, healthy food, nourishing the mind with positive thoughts, intent, and actions, nourishing the spirit with belief and commitment to practice are extremely important to health and happiness in your life.  The connection of a healthy mind, body, and spirit will assist the light inside you to grow and shine.  It is that beauty that people will always see.  Your good intent will always show and it will keep you in the light.
Peace and Love to the Universe!

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