Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Universal Connection

When people ask me about my connection to the Universe, I will generally tell them that I can acknowledge it first started many years ago through my prayers, and then through my meditation.  Now, it's essentially all the time, as long as I am relaxed. There is a Universal consciousness that anyone can tap into.  It is beautiful, peaceful, and filled with knowledge and truth.

How do I explain it?  When your mind is calm, whether you are in meditation or prayer, or even in a serene state, you can reach out to the Universal consciousness, ask questions and gain knowledge.

If you watched my energy moving video, I mentioned a man named Mikao Usui who started the practice of Reiki and Reiki healing.  It is said that when he was on his Buddhist journey (probably doing a fast and meditation), the knowledge of Reiki came to him.  You see that at one moment he didn’t have that particular knowledge, and the next moment, he did.  Where do you think it came from?  It came from the Universal consciousness.
I was born naturally inquisitive and have always asked questions that were too far beyond my age.  Most people thought of me as strange or odd.  Other people who notice I have certain abilities have come to me seeking knowledge, and I have always given them information that I either had because of my own inquisitiveness (having already gained the knowledge from the Universe) or asked the Universe for them at that moment and then gave them the knowledge they were seeking.  When they’ve done their own research, they can usually find pieces of information or sometimes there is a disconnect somewhere in the information they’ve found.  I think people sometimes miss the whole picture, but find a piece is floating here and another piece is floating there, and it takes a Universal connection to put them together.  Do you sometimes feel that something is missing? Or that there's a bigger picture and that someone may not be giving you the whole story?   What the Universe is willing to give you is endless, as long as you follow the rules.

I know there are many people out there who want a Universal connection, in fact, there are many that claim to have a Universal connection.  I know that if you can attain it, it is a beautiful thing.  In order to establish a connection with the Universal consciousness, you must remember to keep things in your daily life in perspective, and not clutter your mind.  You must learn to center yourself and find peace within yourself.  You must learn you cannot harm others with the knowledge you gain. You must learn to help in all ways possible to you.

I have been told that my gifts of sight, moving energy, and healing the body are as natural as a gift for music, athletics, or math.  I attribute a lot of what I do know to my connection with the Universe.
Peace and Love to the Universe!

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