Sunday, January 6, 2013

Energy Moving Part 2 – The Application of

Foremost, the first understanding I had to have about energy is that all things on the planet, the planet herself, the universe is energy, a black hole, a star, the sun; you know all of these things are energy. The sun emits solar flares and those solar flares emit radiation. This is all energy.  Having that understanding is what has given me the profound belief that all things should be treated with care and respect.

In many forms of traditional Chinese medicine, they teach what Qi within the body is.  If you understand what Qi is, you understand that there is energy within your body.  If you understand that there is energy within your body to keep you alive, then you understand as well that all living things have energy within them to keep them alive.  To go beyond that, all things have energy or they could not exist.  All things around you exist because they are energy.

Once you have learned about the meridiens within the body and how this energy is affected and when stagnant can cause illness. You understand how moving it and getting it flowing again can bring good health to a person who is suffering an illness or pain.  The act of moving it in a safe, healthy way is what needs to be learned and practiced.   There are points in the body (acupressure or acupuncture points) that when pressure or puncture is performed, can enable the stagnant or blocked energy to move freely again.  In essence, a healer does what is good for the body, which is get the energy moving again.

For me, in my understanding of energy, and the moving of energy, I understood the application of pushing a point in a body to start the energy flowing again.  I took it a step further and understood that the mind can move energy as well.  Some people tell me I “hand wave” which means they believe I just wave my hand instead of touching them or pushing a pressure point and they are better.   I believe you can use your mind to open those energy blocks as well.

I remember years ago, I was sitting and talking to a friend of mine (reading his life for him) and a girl in her mid 20’s was sitting next to us eavesdropping.  At a certain point, she chimed in and wanted to know if I could give her a reading.  I could tell she was experiencing some sadness and I agreed.  While I was reading her, I saw illness in her and told her.  She asked me if I could help and I explained to her the process that must be followed and she agreed.  I worked on her for a moment and then she wanted to know why she was feeling a certain sensation.  I gave her a brief explanation and she seemed fascinated.  About six months later, we randomly ran into each other at a show.  We spoke for a moment and she told me she had found a woman who practiced energy moving as well.  She didn’t say more than that as the show was starting and we had to sit.  I found a seat and she came and sat next to me.  While watching the show, I felt her trying to push energy onto me.  Puzzled, I turned to her and she had her eyes closed.  I smiled (because I knew what she was doing) and then took care of it.  Her eyes popped open (she might have not listened to the lesson of the rules of respect for another) and she looked at me confused.  I smiled at her and continued to watch the show.  She never confessed to me or asked me how I did what I did.  After the show, we said goodbye and went our separate ways.

In martial arts, the teachers there who learned and taught Qi Gong, all know what it means to have energy flow within the body and to be able to harness it and move it around.  Again, there are over 250 million practitioners of energy moving from all walks of life around the Earth.

Getting energy to move within the body, or taking stagnant energy away, meaning you have a large bruise, your knee is hurting, you have injured yourself in some way, etc. this all can be healed with energy moving.

The second way I move energy is through remote healing (you can view two of my videos: Energy Moving with Monica Ortiz at: or Talks with Monica Ortiz: A Diagnosed Illness and Remote Healing at: for more of an explanation.

Remote healing is when I'm able to recognize someone’s energy signature who is not in my near vicinity and work on them from where I'm at.  In my years of remote healing, I have had several people call me while they've been travelling who accidently injure themselves or who have had a major issue happening in their life.  Once I work on them, they are better and can get on with their day and lives.

For me, energy moving is done by either being able to put my hands on someone to help them, or by using my mind.  In my past, I have had to be really careful because at times I'll store too much energy within myself and end up shorting out electronics.  (sadly, a lot of cell phones and recording devices have had very short life spans). It has made me super, consciously aware and I have a deep sense of responsibility within myself.  Knowing what the right thing (and the wrong thing) to do with a persons’ body is extremely important.  Being very mindful and practicing Universal Responsibility keeps me understanding that it's not about me.

If you want to learn and or practice energy moving, be very careful with who you are dealing with, and how you are dealing with them, so no one gets injured, be it yourself or someone else.

These are some of the ways I use energy moving.

Peace and Love to the Universe!


  1. Monica, I must say meeting you was a very eye opening experience. I admittedly have been a skeptic to all things intangible. I must say your gift of sight, is truly a gift and you have made me a believer. I am still amazed that having just met me, you knew so much about me. Your words of wisdom did not fall on deaf ears and I am happy that you brought certain aspects of my life into a clearer view for me. I look forward to speaking to you again.

  2. Joe V. - Las Vegas, NVJanuary 8, 2013 at 7:50 PM

    I have read your blogs and your blogs, especially The Quest are so well written it's like you're speaking directly to me. I've enjoyed them thoroughly.