Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Peace and Love to the Universe!!!

A short time ago, someone asked me why I always say Peace and Love to the Universe.  If you’ve been reading my blogs, you might have noticed that it is how I sign off.  Well…over the years, when a stressful situation is happening, people watch as I inhale a purposeful breath and exhale with purposeful breath and then say it out loud.  When someone is in a panic or overly stressed and they approach me for my advice or opinion about things, I stop and breathe and say “Peace and Love to the Universe.” I then tell them to stop and breathe.  Sometimes they do… sometimes they don’t.  What they see is that I don’t take all of the stress and pressure of the situation at hand into myself.  I don’t begin to panic and I am usually the calm voice of reason and the finder of solutions.

After working with me for a while, most people begin to adopt the same understanding.  You don’t have to increase your stress levels to an unhealthy degree in order to solve a challenging situation at hand.  They begin to understand it's all about perspective and how you can either allow a situation to overwhelm you or you can find the solution with a level head and overcome the problem in a healthy way.

What does Peace and Love to the Universe mean?  It means that I wish for all beings within the universe Peace from myself to them (within their hearts, mind, and spirit) so they may experience good health and true happiness.  It means that I give them Love from my heart, with an open heart, that they can take into theirs and experience the trueness of my intent. As a result, happiness, harmony, and joy can be experienced within them and spread throughout their body, mind, and spirit so that they know the truest of love.

You see, it is a universe circle.  When you know Peace or Love in its purest sense, and let it spread throughout you with the knowledge and understanding of its intent and purity, you know the other. When you have both, you are calm within your body, mind, and spirit.  The stresses of work, societal pressures, and relationships are all given clear perspective and there is always calm within you.

So, as you read my blogs and see me sign off with "Peace and Love to the Universe", you know what I am saying as well as why I am saying it.  It is my intent toward you and my gift to you.

Peace and Love to the Universe!!!

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