Friday, July 5, 2013

The Lotus Flower

It was years ago now, but here is the story of how the Lotus Flower came into my life.  I had just finished working with a client of mine and stepped outside to pray and meditate.  I often do this after a challenging session, but looked forward to it this time as I myself had been through a number of challenging situations over the preceding months, and I knew that within myself I needed to continue to work on my own "Learn Grow Evolve".  It was a perfect day outside and after spending hours inside, I was happy to have the sun on my face and breathe in the aromas of being outdoors.

I closed my eyes, sat, prayed, and gave thanks for all that I had in my life.  While the months before had been an obstacle course of lessons that needed to be learned, I always ensure I appreciate all of the things in my life.  After my prayers, as I began my meditation with my eyes still closed and purposeful breath, I asked the Universe “Please show me where I am at in my life and why I am where I am.” As I immersed myself deeper into my meditation, I saw in front of me a beautiful white lotus flower which I distinctly noticed, but didn’t give much more attention than simply appreciating its beauty.
I continued my meditation and when I was done, I stayed outside for a while enjoying the blueness of the sky and the drifting clouds.

A few days later I met up with a friend of mine who is a healer of Native American descent and on her own quest has studied other religions and spiritualities. We went to lunch and as we spoke and caught up on the happenings of each other’s lives, I mentioned my meditation and seeing the white lotus flower.  She smiled and excitedly said “That’s great.”  Curious at her exuberance, I looked at her and asked “Why, what does it mean?”

She told me that in the Buddhist teachings, the lotus flower is a symbol of being pure in one’s spirit, in addition to one’s own enlightenment and self-awareness.  She explained to me that the lotus flower grows up in murky waters, continues to grow, rise above the dark water, and bloom into a beautiful flower.  Through its growth, the lotus does not allow the muddy water to foul any of its beauty.

She continued to tell me that after having known me for many years and knowing that I grew up in a dark pit of physical, emotional, verbal, and mental abuse, that I didn’t just survive it nor did I allow it to consume me and drag me down.  She witnessed how I continued my path of evolution not free of error, but without any hatred, bitterness, or anger in my heart or mind and filled with kindness, generosity, humility, compassion, and a love of all things.  She continued to tell me that many people had described me as “pure in spirit” and “bright as the sun” so she wasn’t surprised that this is what I was shown as an indication of where I was at in my life.

I thought about what she said and I understood that my lesson is to always be on my own "Learn Grow Evolve" path and that my path is ever widening.  I may not have always liked the hand I was dealt at the beginning of my journey, but I have come to a deep understanding of the "why" I was dealt that hand and how I continued to rise above what I grew up in and became the person I am today. I also know that as I continue on my road, it is my responsibility to understand that evolution never stops and I will continue to learn about life, nature, the nature of things, and the Universe.

May the Lotus flower remind you of your own journey and how to stay beautiful above the murky water which represents the difficult situations and challenges that life can often bring us.

Peace and Love to the Universe!!!


  1. Was meditating a while ago and there was this beautiful lotus, didn't see the entire flower but it appeared as if I was inside water and could see the stem and the part of the pink petals...the water was fresh blue and it made be feel curious and searched online, came across your article and thought of writing to you...going through a difficult phase in life, can you tell me what might have the lotus meant?

  2. Hi Anonymous, I hope you are well and you have maneuvered through the difficult phase in your life safely.

    Regarding the vision in your meditation, seeing the lotus flower during your meditation brought you a feeling of relaxation which is probably what you needed in your life at that time. Often times when we experience a difficult challenge in our lives that we aren't able to understand of get through, it is because we are stressed or worried about the situation or the outcome. If you take a moment to breathe, be calm, step back and evaluate the situation, you might get through it (find the solution) quicker and easier.
    I hope this helps.

  3. I had my first reiki session and I had a vision of a swan blooming out of a white lotus and after I seen this really white hot fire burning what does it mean

  4. I practiced total forgiveness in meditation of everyone I ever hurt and hurt me one day two years ago whilst lying down, it was very upsetting but I cleared lots out for a short while, then I fell into a shallow sleep. Suddenly I felt a point of consciousness traveling up what appeared to be my spine could have been astral eyes which then looked up maybe out of my crown chakra. I saw an orange lotus flower and as I focused on the petals my vision went through it as it was made of light, as I looked onwards though it my vision traveled for eternity from micros to macros. It was like flying through an orange cloud but I my conscious was physically there. I gasped in wonderment then came back to my body and woke into normal wakening. This was a one off, not a dream or of the mind. I have practiced TM meditation for thirty years on and off but this was something completely different. I have not found any genuine explanation for this experience, I even wondered if I died for a few seconds then came back, it was not tunnel of light but as if I passed from the darkness of physical existence into the next dimension. Any ideas? I have spoken to hindus, meditators etc but all they say is I am enlightened. I am not convinced and although grateful found this experienced has haunted me with more questions than answers. As if I saw the first step of heaven for a few seconds then that is all. I know it was not imagination or visualisation, any advice would be greatly appreciated.