Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Thinking about boundaries

Life is not restricted to boundaries.  Love is not restricted to boundaries.  Fear judgments and prejudices create boundaries in life, love, understanding, communication, openness, and acceptance.  When you open your mind and your heart you will come to an understanding of yourself, your life, and your expectations.  Through honesty and understanding you will find it easier to communicate not only with people around you, but also with yourself.  Understanding is one of the Universe’s principles for true happiness, true success, and life long good health.


  1. When I set boundaries, I feel as though I need them because I'm afraid of being taken advantage of or having a line crossed that I'm not comfortable with the other side crossing. I guess that's my fear and my expectation for what's appropriate and what isn't. But if that line is crossed, I feel the need to retreat and an even stronger fear of being taken advantage of pops up that can lead to defensiveness.

    I know that is my issue, but what does that mean for boundaries for me, for now? It seems like it helps to have them in place, and to make sure they aren't crossed. Does that mean that as I grow in my understanding, I will need boundaries less? I think I understand that love is not restricted to boundaries, but being okay with what is going (or not okay with it) seems very much related to and where I should set my boundaries. Will my acceptance of what is going on increase as I understand more and more?

  2. Andrew, Healthy boundaries set the tone for balance in your life.

    As you grow you will still need boundaries but those boundaries will adjust with your growth and understanding of you.

    As far as your acceptance of what is going on increasing, as you understand more and more you will accept more for what things are because you will understand what truly causes you discomfort and what doesn't.