I was born into a family of see-er’s and healers.  My Grandfather who was from Native American descent was a great man who was a very strong see-er, very wise, hard-working, a man of his word, and very respected in his community.  Many people came to him for his gift of future seeing.  He made me aware of all of my gifts as he became aware of them.  He explained to me when I was very young that I was an old soul and that I would be guided into a specific direction whether I wanted it or not.  He explained that I already had knowledge I could access when I wanted it.  I was too young at the time to understand this.

He explained to me that what was natural to me, other people would want so I would always be surrounded by jealousy.  He told me that I had an innate good nature and that I would have to decide who I wanted to be in life.

Of the many things I have learned;
These gifts come with a price.
The Universe is filled with knowledge it is happy to share.
To be comfortable in my own skin. (This took a great deal of time)
There is a key to everything you need in life.
Want and Need are two very separate things.
You should never judge.
Treat the Earth and all things on it with respect.
Ego should always be touched with humility.
Listening should be just as important as speaking.
Universal responsibility should be understood and practiced by all.
Always keep your word.
There are not many people on the planet like me.
Being what I am doesn’t make me special.

The purpose of this blog is to bring healing, hope, understanding of the universe and what it wants for all beings on the planet, and peace to its readers.  In the coming year, I will be sharing with the world my visions and lessons from the Universe.  I sincerely hope that what I share will be understood by all.

If when reading this blog, you don’t understand something I have written, please go to the Contact page on this site for the information on how to contact me.  Ask your question(s) and I will do my best to answer you.

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